Student Org Resources

Leading a Student Organization is a lot of work!  We have gathered a number of resources to help you.  If you are unable to find what you need or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

SOLID & Tiers:

This page contains information on the Tier system, organizational statuses, Training requirements, and the SOLID Status report.  

Organizational Management:

This page contains information  that might be helpful in running your organization.  It includes policy information, constitution and minutes templates, tips for using UConntact, and handover/leadership transition information.  

Event Planning

This page contains information and resources for RSOs as they plan events or activities on and off campus.  It also contains a link to the Event Registration form.  

Funding Guidelines

This page contains information on the Stamford Activity Fee, how RSO's may access and utilize the fund.  There are links to the appropriate forms and additional resources referenced in SOLID training.  

Marketing Guide:

This page contains information on how to promote your organization and its events using campus resources.  It has a link to the Print Request form. And it also contains policy information related to UConn logo and websites.  

Kuali Build Tips:

This resource contains information that will help you navigate the platform many of the forms are on (event planning & funding)  

Advisor Resources:

This page contains information related to the role of the advisor.