Stamford Student Awards:

2022-2023 Awards

UConn Stamford Spirit award

This award honors an individual for outstanding external representation of the pride and spirit associated with being a part of the University of Connecticut Stamford Campus.

Eligible Individual: All Stamford Undergraduate Students.

  Emerging Leader of the Year

This award recognizes a student that, despite not holding a visible, established leadership position on campus, has actively demonstrated attributes of an “emerging leader” through his/her actions and character. The recipient will demonstrate attributes of an emerging leader, poised for significant contribution and accomplishment through their future academic work, community service, organizational leadership, issue advocacy, and/or active participation in a campus-wide initiative.

Eligible Individual: All Stamford Undergraduate Students.

  Student Leader of the Year

This award recognizes an individual student who has made significant contributions to the Campus community through leadership of, and/or involvement in an initiative(s) that has had campus-wide impact and is representative of the highest level of student leadership and involvement.

Eligible Individual: All Stamford Undergraduate Students.

  UConn Stamford Community Building Award

This award honors a RSO that has initiated and/or actively engaged in an activity that has significantly contributed to the sense of community on campus. This project may be a single event or series of activities.

Eligible Group: All Stamford Tier 1 & 2 RSO's.

  RSO Program of the Year:

Recognizes an RSO for the development and execution of an event/program that significantly enhanced the social, recreational, educational, and/or cultural life of students and the general community at this institution.

Eligible Group: All Stamford RSO's.

In the past, the Student Activities Office presented three awards for outstanding contributions to the UConn Stamford Community.

Past recipients include:


  • UConn Stamford Spirit Award: Alexa Molina
  • Emerging Leader: Victoria Almazan & Karima Hamada
  • Student Leader of the Year: Nahum Valiente
  • UConn Stamford Community Building Award: CEIN/BA Nursing
  • RSO Program of the Year: Muslim Student Association's "World Hijab Day"
  • Advisor of the Year

    • 2016/17: Annamaria Csizmadia
    • 2015/16: Kathleen Charland
    • 2014/15: Kathleen Charland
    • 2013/14: Lori Gresham
    • 2012/13: Kathleen Charland
    • 2011/12: Frederick Roden
    • 2010/11: Ingrid Semaan
    • 2009/10: James Perrone
    • 2008/09: Kathleen Charland
    • 2007/08: James Perrone
    • 2006/07: Ingrid Semaan
    • 2005/06: Kerrie Mills

    RSO of the Year

    • 2016/17: The Outlets
    • 2015/16: 1 University Place
    • 2014/15: Muslim Student Association
    • 2013/14: Mission Acceptance
    • 2012/13: Stamford Campus Sports Club
    • 2011/12: The Stamford View
    • 2010/11: Zero Tolerance
    • 2009/10: Stamford Campus Sports Club
    • 2008/09: Psychology Club
    • 2007/08: Huskies Go Green
    • 2006/07: SPECTRUM
    • 2005/06: Business & Economic Club

    Student Leader of the Year

    • 2016/17: Shahanara Shahjahan & Delvin Yousif
    • 2015/16: Nardel Marin & Lizbeth Perez
    • 2014/15: Danilo Machado & Ofonime Udo-Okon
    • 2013/14: Stephen Butler
    • 2012/13: Raquel Lopez & Noelia Valero
    • 2011/12: Benjamin Liongson & Amanda Roman
    • 2010/11: Gaby Carpanzano & Yazmin Khan
    • 2009/10: Elly Koskorelos
    • 2008/09: Bryan Campbell & Stephanie Rosado
    • 2007/08: Jephrie Cabral & Chuck Lovetri
    • 2006/07: Kasia Bogusiewicz & Jason Kersten
    • 2005/06: Jazmin Arrieta & Shankia DeWindt