Spring Week

A year end celebration intended to create a sense of pride and enthusiasm towards the UConn Stamford community at the end of the Spring semester. Check out our events for 2023 below

Check out our events for 2022 and see how you can add your event to the schedule!

Spring Week Line Up
Earth Day

Add Your Event to Spring Week

If you have an event or activity occurring during the week of April 18th and would like it to be promoted during Spring Week, please email stamfordactivities@uconn.edu with the following:

Information must be submitted by Friday April 1st

  1. Event Title
  2. Event Date
  3. Time of Event
  4. Event Location
  5. Description
  6. Name & Email of contact person
  7. Image/Flyer to be used for social media
    *departments/organizations are responsible for hanging and taking down their own flyers