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The Office of Student Activities at UConn Stamford enriches the intellectual, ethical and social development of our students by engaging them in community involvement and leadership opportunities. We are committed to providing excellent programs and services that promote student self-governance, respect for diversity, civic responsibility and life-long learning. Visit the Office of Student Activities to:

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Devin T. Gaines Student Involvement and Activities Center

UConn Stamford - Activities Office, the Devin T. Gains Student Involvement and Activities Center, was named after an incredible student.  Devin's passion and involvement at UConn, his contributions to the campus, and accomplishment went far beyond the classroom.

Devin Thomas Gaines
"Five Degrees of Separation"
(July 16, 1984 - July 10, 2007)

Devin Gaines '07 (CLAS), (ENG), (SFA) had completed a remarkable achievement.  He had earned 276 credits in five years, enough to earn five degrees - computer science, theater studies, linguistics/psychology, cognitive science, and an individualized major in cinema, culture, and cognition.  He also had five minors. He accomplished while maintaining a 3.2 grade point average.  He had planned to continue his education by pursuing a master's degree in educational communications technology. his remarkable story ended tragically when he died in a swimming accident on July 10.  he was an amazing individual and was known for his compassion, volunteerism, philanthropic nature, and academic success.