Marketing and Publicity Guide


This guide is intended to help club leaders promote the wonderful things your clubs is planning. If you don’t effectively get your message out there, no one will know what is going on, and your club/activity won’t be as amazing as it should be. Remember these tips and means of communicating your message, and work to develop a marketing strategy for your club/activities.

Print a checklist to keep you organized.


For clubs/SGA the Student Activities Office will print the following for each club/event.  Please send .pdf or .jpg files to and it will printed (it may take 3 business days to complete, so please provide ample time).

  • Flyers
    • Student Activities will print ten (10) – standard sheet flyers per event.
    • be sure your page size is 8.5×11,
    • if you are using PowerPoint and your screen is wide-format your page is probably not a standard 8.5×11 size! (don’t use PowerPoint, continue reading!)
  • Posters
    • Student Activities will print two (2) 17×24 posters
    • we can automatically scale your flyer (8.5×11) to this size, so no additional work is necessary!
  • Bus ads
    • Student Activities will print one (1) 9.5 (tall) x24 (wide)
    • you will need to create an additional layout with a custom page size for this.
    • It is recommended that you use a similar look/feel (colors, fonts, images), BUT DO NOT stretch/skew your poster/flyer to fit this page size. It WILL BE AWFUL (seriously, no joke – awful!)

Tips and recommendations on software for print marketing

  • Word sucks, it’s tough to arrange just the way you want it.
  • PowerPoint is not much better, as it is intended for presentations, the quality is often an issue, and making the custom page sizes is a bit more difficult… printing from PowerPoint is more difficult especially with the poster printer.
  • A better program is MS Publisher.
  • Even better is Adobe InDesign or Photoshop. (students can get a free copy of the Adobe products

 Posting rules around campus  (A simplified version)

  • All Postings must include the sponsoring organization name.
  • Postings should include specific details about the activity or event (what, when, where), and it is STRONGLY encourage to have contact info.
  • All print publications must be stamped with approval (Student Clubs can get approval from Student Activities office, RM 217)
  • You can place one flyer in the 217 lounge window
  • Open bulletin boards and white t-stands only
  • NO: glass, wooden, painted surfaces. No doors/walls/pillars!
  • Posters may be put on the concourse wall near the café (using a minimal amount of scotch tape only), and using the tack strip near Washington Blvd.
  • For more details on the campus posting policy.


  • Digital monitors around campus
    • You can use your flyer to have it put on the TV monitors around campus. However your flyer must be 8.4 tall x 11 wide (we will not skew your image to fix… this looks AWFUL and often your message will be difficult to read!)
    • The format needed is JPG. Be sure fonts aren’t blurry and your image isn’t pixelated
  • Email newsletter
    • individual emails will not be sent for events/club announcements. You should be planned, and have your information submitted to the campus’ weekly e-bulletin.  Anyone with a net ID can do this!
    • Instructions are here
    • I know how to do this, and just want to submit an item
  • Web calendar

 Word of Mouth

  • Social media:
    • we have a campus events Facebook page. If you ask we will promote your event here, but use your social networks, and ask your friends/club members to do the same.  Create a # and generate buzz
  • TALK to your friends/classmates…
    • I know this is earth shattering! We should be talking about the awesome things we do, and telling everyone.  If you are excited and people can see that they will be more interested in it as well!
  • Ask your professors if you can announce in class what you are doing.
    • 2 minutes before class begins, or after break… great

 General tips and best practices

  • SPELLCHECK (I know right, do you know how often I find – and make – spelling mistakes?
  • have a friend look over it for you, or set it aside so you have a fresh look a couple hours later.
  • pixelated graphics look terrible when printed on the poster printer! If your screen or flyer is pixelated, then your poster is going to be awful
  • when proofing a flyer/poster – step back from it, and see you notice as you glance it. What stands out (and is that what you want people to see/note)
  • Be sure not to miss any important details (date, time, location, sponsored by)
  • Use great visual… but
    • Don’t use copyrighted materials
    • Don’t use too many different fonts/graphics… Be sure it isn’t TOO busy that your message is lost

The UConn Wordmark, Husky, and Husky Pride logo

The UConn Wordmark, Husky, and Husky Pride logo are licensed/copyrighted materials.  You cannot use, or modify these in your marketing unless permission is granted by the licensing office in Storrs.  If you want to go through this step, you must provide at least 10 business days’ advance on your copy so that we can obtain permission.  For more information on the University Brand Standards visit:

Print and use this Checklist for each event to insure you’ve maximized each opportunity