Food Requests

Student organizations are permitted to host events with food on campus. In order to comply with UConn, local, and state policies, a food permit must be obtained from UConn Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). This is for the distribution of any food regardless if it is catered, pre-packaged, free, or for sale. The only exception is for closed/private meetings such as a department meeting or student organization meeting where only members of that organization are invited. A University wide meeting does not qualify as a closed/private meeting.

Food Permit Process:

  1. A minimum of ten business days prior to the event, complete the EHS Food Request Form
    1. Note - this deadline is required by EHS. You may need to submit earlier in order to comply with SGA funding & purchasing procedures
  2. A member of UConn Environmental Health & Safety will review the application and determine if:
    1. Additional training is required
    2. Additional information is required
  3. Student Activities staff will check to see if the request has been approved

Food Safety Training

UConn Environmental Health and Safety may require you to complete a food safety training program on HuskyCT. If requested to enroll in this program you will be asked by a member of EHS to provide your NetID. You may self-enroll in this program:

  1. Login to HuskyCT
  2. On the Institution page (the landing page after login), you will see “Organizations” on the left hand menu
  3. In the top right corner, click "Organization Catalog"
  4. In the first line, change the first dropdown menu from "Name" to "ID"
  5. Enter "0254" in the search and select "Go"
  6. Click on the blue text "org-0254"
  7. Click on Enroll & Submit
  8. You will get a “Success” message. Click on Ok at the bottom right to go directly to the course.