Calendar Instructions

It is STRONGLY encouraged that all open meetings and events are posted to the Stamford Student Activities and Stamford Campus calendars.

Instructions on how to do this (anyone with a NetID can do this):

  1. Go to:
  2. Scroll to bottom, and click on the “Submit an Event”
  3. Log in with your net id/password.
  4. Complete form in detail.  Please note:
    • Be sure to change the campus to Stamford.
    • Location: Include a location for the event (ONLY if a reservation is confirmed !)
    • Time: Insure the AM/PM’s are correct!
      • You can set an event to repeat if applicable (meetings).  Be sure to select the correct end date (it can go through the end of a semester, just pick the correct one; the default isn’t necessarily this semester!)
    • Description: it is limited to 200 characters.  Be brief but descriptive, and insure that it is accurate with correct spelling/grammar.
    • Contact: include the appropriate information (please note this is PUBLIC, it is not recommended that you post your personal phone number/email – UConn email is better, but a general club email is best!)

(if you don’t get this right, your event may not be appropriately listed!)

  • Primary: Select “Stamford Student Activities” from the list.  
    • If you post to another calendar it may delay approval and/or not display your event properly.  
  • Crosslist: this is where you decide which other calendars you want to have the event posted on.
    • You will need to  “+ Add Calendar” and select Stamford Campus this will get it onto the Stamford home page.  
    • UConn Master Calendar is the Storrs calendar.  Many of the club events do not need to be posted there so please “remove”.
    • You may want to add your event to other calendars, select from the list as needed 

If you do this, it should show up on these sites (once approved by the individual that manages the calendar):