Staying Connected Discussion

We are looking to create a list of ways to stay connected during this time.  Share your ideas in the comments.

  • What are you doing to fill your time?
  • What are you doing to keep connected with your friends?

8 thoughts on “Staying Connected Discussion

  1. Hi! A ton of residents are obsessed with Tik Tok, maybe creating a UConn Stamford Account and having them post videos of “What they are doing to keep busy?” or “Best Social Distancing Handshake”. And maybe who gets voted the best video gets a gift certificate or something when they come back to campus

  2. • Play Words with Friends (free app)
    • Participate in Virtual Mediation Mondays with Nishelli Ahmed from UConn Student Health and Wellness and the Benton. Program starts at 6pm. Follow @uconnhealth on Instagram for the Zoom link
    • Calm is a great app for sleep, stretching, and stress management.
    • Take a virtual tour of the some of the world’s most famous museums
    • Check out what is going on at the Cincinnati Zoo
    • Check out other free game-playing apps on line (Candy Crush Saga – by King)
    • Host a dance party on Instagram or Face Book
    • Bring a lunch and picnic to the state park
    • Livestream concerts by John Legend, Pink, Keith Urban, Katherine McPhee & David Foster (Instagram)
    • Livestream Alvin Ailey Dancing on Instagram, Yoyo Ma on Instagram
    • Google for more livestreaming artists who will entertain for free during this time of social isolation
    • Take a midnight walk to observe the full moon on April 8th (Pink Moon) and on May 7th (Flower Moon)
    • Google “full moons for 2020” for more details
    • Walk around campus and create a photo collection of best spots on campus for later use
    • On line calming exercises

  3. love what you’ll are doing down here to keep your community connected amidst covid…

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